Benefits of a Volvo Trade-In

March 11th, 2024 by

If you’re ready to move on to a new Volvo vehicle, initiating a trade-in at Volvo Cars Gilbert could be a great choice for you. Trade-ins make it easy to get behind the wheel of a new car and even save money. Here’s how they work.

Streamlined Process

Selling an old car and buying a new one can be long and tedious processes, but trade-ins simplify everything by combining both steps into one trip to the dealership. All you have to do is drive to Volvo Cars Gilbert in your old car and drive home your new one. You can use the credits you earn from selling us your car to purchase a new one from our inventory.

Easier Financing

When you trade in your old car at Volvo Cars Gilbert, we’ll subtract its value from the price of any new car you wish to purchase. The difference in value will be issued to you as credits, which you can use as a down payment to reduce the amount you’ll need to finance. This means your loan payments will be much more affordable.

Tax Advantages

Trading in your old vehicle can have tax benefits credits in some U.S. states, and Arizona is one of them. When you buy a new car, you’re required to pay sales tax, which is calculated as a percentage of the total price of the vehicle.

However, in the state of Arizona, the sales tax on your new car will be calculated as a percentage of the reduced price after you trade in. This means that if you choose to trade in your car at Volvo Cars Gilbert, your sales tax charges will be significantly lower.

Start Your Vehicle Trade-In at Volvo Cars Gilbert

If you think a trade-in might be right for you, visit Volvo Cars Gilbert today. The helpful representatives at our Gilbert, AZ Volvo dealership will help you navigate the process and answer any Volvo financing questions you have. Our first priority is getting you behind the wheel of a car you love!

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