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Tires are an incredibly important part of your vehicle’s performance, affecting everything from fuel economy, to traction, to safety, to comfort. Even the best luxury vehicle can feel like a cheap car if it’s put onto worn-out and cheaply-made tires. Now at Volvo Cars Gilbert, you can get the right tires for your Volvo car or SUV in Phoenix and Chandler, at prices that will make the decision easy.

See how much you could save on new tires near Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix with exclusive tire specials at Volvo Cars Gilbert.

Browse new tires for sale by vehicle, or by tire size, to see competitive prices and special offers on brands like Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Kumho, and more.

When is it time for new tires?

The most common advice for replacing tires is to do so when tread depth has reached just 4/32″. The treads on your tires aren’t actually for grip or traction, as many people believe–but to shed water from between the tire and the road. Overly-worn tires put you at a risk for hydroplaning and generally make it more difficult to stop quickly.

How can I find the right Volvo tires?

Use our convenient Tire Finder online to browse all available options for the tire size that your Volvo needs.

Where can I find new Volvo tires?

Right here at Volvo Cars Gilbert. With great new special offers and tire coupons–and a massive selection of popular brands and styles, our tire experts can help you pick out and install a new set of high-quality performance, summer, all-season, or sport tires to fit your exact needs on the road.

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