Last time we talked here on the blog, we discussed some of the technologies and conveniences available on the upcoming 2019 Volvo V60 wagon and, today, we'd like to talk a bit more about what it has to offer; specifically, the safety features it employs.

The new V60 offers a plethora of safety features and functions to keep you - and those around you - as safe as possible. City Safety automatically applies the brakes to avoid to mitigate a collision, Run-off road Mitigation helps prevent your vehicle from leaving the road by steering automatically, Adaptive Cruise Control keeps you at the same speed as the vehicle in front of you while maintaining a safe distance, and so much more. With the IntelliSafe technologies on your side, you'll be safe and sound all ride long.



If you're interested in learning more about Volvo safety features, or there's a new Volvo model in our current lineup that's caught your eye, come visit us here at our Gilbert, AZ dealership today. Our experts are ready to assist you however they can so drop in, look around, get details and answers, and fall in love with the Volvo car or SUV of your dreams.

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