Dedicated to safety

The Story of Volvo

Protecting people and making lives better has and always will be part of Volvo Cars’ DNA. The next step in our journey is Vision 2020.

"Volvo Cars has a vision that nobody should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo."
Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO, Volvo Cars


Aiming for zero

Reducing the number of people that die or are seriously injured in road traffic accidents to zero is a bold target that we aim to achieve. Protecting and caring for people is at the heart of Volvo Cars' philosophy and Vision 2020 is our commitment to saving lives.

Knowledge is the key

By continually learning and innovating we aim to put an end to fatalities and severe injuries on the roads. Our methods are unique and far-reaching, combining exhaustive research, computer simulations and thousands of crash tests with data from real-life collisions to make us world leaders in safety.

Technology that saves lives

We have invented some of the most important innovations in the history of car safety - including the three-point safety belt - saving over a million lives in the process. And there's more to come. Our cars are packed with advanced features that will help us achieve Vision 2020. We are continually working on technology to make future vehicles safer still.

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A million more. With new and existing safety features,
we are determined to save a million more lives.

A Closer Look at Volvo's Industry-Leading Safety Standards

At Volvo Cars Gilbert, our team is proud to help uphold Volvo's unrivaled approach to keeping drivers and passengers safe. Volvo vehicles are designed to keep you protected at every stage of your journey, whether you are taking on Phoenix's highways or navigating your daily commute through Mesa. Volvo Vision represents the automaker's constantly evolving approach to safety standards, resulting in some of the most innovative driver-assist features and security systems on the market today. Read on for a closer look at Volvo's industry-leading safety standards!

High Standards for Driver Protection

Volvo Vision refers to the automaker's continually shifting approach to keeping drivers safe. The philosophy is guided by a primary goal that no driver or passenger will ever be injured or killed in a new Volvo vehicle. With this goal in mind, Volvo continues to push toward unmatched protection in their new luxury SUVs, crossovers, and sedans. Customer care, driver security, and passenger safety come center stage.

Continuous Safety Research

Volvo is constantly working on learning from real-life situations to adapt safety technology whenever necessary. Using continuous research, simulations, crash tests, and other methods, Volvo works tirelessly to ensure safety standards are always at the market's peak. Drivers and passengers should always feel at ease behind the wheel, and our driver-assist technology reflects this philosophy and continuous goal. If you are taking on the streets of Scottsdale or Tempe in a new luxury vehicle from Volvo, you can rely on class-leading driver-assist and safety technology at every step of the way.

Driver-Assist Technology

Volvo vehicles are well-equipped with some of the industry's top driver-assist systems. Standard technology includes Collision Avoidance , intelligent features that can detect approaching pedestrians and employ automatic braking when necessary. Lane Keeping Assist offers convenience and increased focus on staying alert, notifying you if your vehicle is about to sway from your lane, and adjusting steering if necessary. Run-off road mitigation is another innovative feature designed to keep you aware and engaged, preventing your vehicle from running off the road in uncertain conditions or tricky traffic situations. All these features and more are included with every new Volvo vehicle in Gilbert, AZ.

Innovative Safety Systems

Using a wide range of sensors, cameras, and speed limiters, Volvo is ensuring every new model is tailored to keep you secure. All-new Volvo models are capped at a top speed of 112 mph to prevent dangerous speeding. Volvo's all-new Care Key allows drivers to adjust this automated speed cap to suit their needs. Driver monitoring cameras are employed to keep you aware and alerted if necessary, while parking sensors and rear-view camera functionality give you a broader picture of your surroundings.

Visit Us at Volvo Cars Gilbert for a Closer Look at Our Safety Features!

Whether you are visiting us from Chandler, AZ, or Phoenix, we are just a short drive away at Volvo Cars Gilbert. For a closer look at all the latest driver-assist and safety technology from Volvo, visit our new model showcase today! Our team will be thrilled to walk you through our options and help you find the right model for your lifestyle. If you have any questions regarding Volvo Vision or safety standards, do not hesitate to give our team a call. We are always here to help, and we look forward to working with you at Volvo Cars Gilbert!

 Speed cap

To send a strong signal about the dangers of speeding, we reduced the top speed of all our new cars to 112 mph in 2020. We are also looking at how smart speed control and geofencing technology could automatically limit speeds near schools and hospitals in the future.

 Highway pilot

With support from LiDAR sensors, the next generation of Volvo cars will be hardware-ready for autonomous drive. And over time, we will push out over-the-air software updates to provide fully autonomous highway driving.

 Driver monitoring cameras

To help address intoxication and distraction in traffic, we are working on new in-car solutions. Driver monitoring cameras, together with other sensors, will allow the car to intervene when a clearly intoxicated or distracted driver risks serious injury or death.

 Care Key

We've recently introduced the Care Key, aimed at addressing speeding. With the Care Key, Volvo car owners can put a speed cap on the car when lending it to a younger family member or less experienced driver as a way of ensuring a safer ride.