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How Long Do Volvo Cars Last?

For many drivers in the greater Phoenix area a long-lasting and reliable vehicle is what they are looking for. So when you look around at other vehicles on the road and take notice of the older models on the road you will notice that there is a number of Volvo's among them. And that is because Volvo builds vehicles that are meant to withstand the test of time and deliver an amazing driving experience for 200,000+ miles. One Volvo owner, Irv Gordon, has set the bar very high with 2.9 million miles on the odometer of his…

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Innovative Safety Technology in Volvo Vehicles Throughout the Years

When it comes to engineering a Volvo vehicle, safety has always been the largest focus. Since 1959, Volvo has been using innovative safety technology to save the lives of those in the vehicle and others around them on the road. Today, many of the latest safety technology comes in the form of driver assist technologies and the use of cameras and radars to monitor the road. But when you look back on the history of Volvo engineering and the commitment to safety, you can see that at one time it was a simple as a safety belt.


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