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Boat and Bike Rack Options for Your New Volvo SUV

364 × 300?
At Volvo Cars Gilbert, our team is here to help you find the right accessory for your new Volvo SUV. Whether you are driving a new Volvo XC40, XC60, or XC90, we have everything you need at our parts center . Make the short trip from Phoenix or Chandler today for a first-hand look at all we have to offer! You can also access our complete parts and accessories list through our website to narrow your options and order anything you need.

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Volvo Cars Gilbert Service Center: The Place to Get Your Car Serviced in Gilbert, AZ

We have been happy to serve the auto repair and car service needs for so many Phoenix, AZ customers over the years. Our dealership realizes that choosing where to get your car serviced or have your repairs done is a big decision. After all, our vehicles are a big part of our lives. They get us from point A to point B and that can never be overestimated. With a decision this big, it is probably good to find a team of experts to make sure that your car gets the best care possible. 



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How Long Do Volvo Cars Last?

For many drivers in the greater Phoenix area a long-lasting and reliable vehicle is what they are looking for. So when you look around at other vehicles on the road and take notice of the older models on the road you will notice that there is a number of Volvo's among them. And that is because Volvo builds vehicles that are meant to withstand the test of time and deliver an amazing driving experience for 200,000+ miles. One Volvo owner, Irv Gordon, has set the bar very high with 2.9 million miles on the odometer of his…

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Avoid any bumps in the road - service your vehicle today

Every season brings specific challenges that sometimes catch us off guard. Here at Volvo of Tempe we take pride in offering our customers the luxury of utilizing our service and repair center so that way your vehicle is always ready to conquer any road during any kinds of conditions with ease.


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You invest a lot of hard-earned money into your vehicles, which is why taking care of them is always a good priority.

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