For many drivers in the greater Phoenix area a long-lasting and reliable vehicle is what they are looking for. So when you look around at other vehicles on the road and take notice of the older models on the road you will notice that there is a number of Volvo's among them. And that is because Volvo builds vehicles that are meant to withstand the test of time and deliver an amazing driving experience for 200,000+ miles. One Volvo owner, Irv Gordon, has set the bar very high with 2.9 million miles on the odometer of his Volvo.

So why do Volvo's outlast the competition when it comes to long-lasting quality? Volvo started making cars back in 1927 and their commitment to safety, design, and performance has never wavered. If you ask anyone who is still driving an older Volvo model they will tell you that there has never been a vehicle they could rely on more. Volvo's are known for their high-strength steel frames that make them more resistant to general wear and tear of every day driving. The strong steel frame is also part of the smart engineering and design of Volvo's with only the best materials available. Which are all reasons why you still see so many Volvo's on the road from every decade.

Another reason why so many Volvo vehicles remain on the road today is the care their owners give them. Volvo owners love their Volvo's and often take very good care of them with regular service. Which is vital to any vehicles longevity, but does wonders to get your Volvo to 200,000+ mile. For example, regular oil changes are one of the easiest ways you can extend the life of your Volvo. Engine oil is the lifeline of your Volvo and keeps the moving components of the engine operating smoothly. Regular oil changes also improve your fuel economy by helping your engine not work as hard.

If we couldn't praise Volvo vehicles anymore the number of awards for quality Volvo has accumulated speak for themselves. J.D. Power consistently ranks Volvo as one of the most dependable companies on the road. J.D. Power takes powertrain, body and interior and feature and accessories into account when determining a vehicles value and dependability.

If you are currently driving a Volvo be sure to have our certified Volvo technicians perform all of your service needs. Not only do our technicians have extensive knowledge and experience with Volvo vehicles, but they also only use genuine Volvo parts. Which will add to the long lifespan of your Volvo. Genuine parts come straight from the factory and made specifically for your exact V90, XC40 or S60. Aftermarket parts that other service centers use are made to fit a variety of similar makes and models. Genuine Volvo parts also have the factory standing behind them to ensure quality and durability. Our service advisors can help you create or stay on a maintenance place to make sure all major services are taken care off and your Volvo continues to deliver the same exhilarating performance you have come to love.

To find the perfect Volvo car or SUV for you browse our inventory of new and high-quality pre-owned Volvo's online or in person. The benefit of coming down to Volvo Cars Gilbert to browse our inventory is that you can get behind the wheel and go for a test drive to fully experience the unmatched performance that only a Volvo can deliver.