If you've been reading about the newer Volvo models that are out on the market, then you know that these include, or have available the City Safety system. This system monitors the road, detects cars, pedestrians, and bicycles, and alerts you if they are too close to your vehicle. If you don't react to this warning, your Volvo will even brake for you to help avoid or lessen the impact.

Watch the video below to see how the Volvo Sensor Safety Team has designed the City Safety System.

As you can see, this system is truly amazing. Not only does it detect the pedestrians, cars, and bicyclists, but it even shows you how far away they are. It also determines whether the object in question should be in a pink box, for a pedestrian, or a blue box, for a bike or car. This is important because, if you just see a pink box on your dash, then you know that it's not coming as fast a blue box would.

Where can you find a Volvo with City Safety?

At Volvo Cars Tempe, we have a wide variety of new Volvo models that all contain some form of City Safety. Each trim level is different, of course, but we can show you which vehicles City Safety is included with, if you'd like. Feel free to also browse our online new Volvo inventory to see what we currently have available and, if you'd rather find a pre-owned model, take a closer look at our used inventory as well.

Once you've located a Volvo that catches your eye, then stop by our Volvo Cars Tempe dealership and take it for a test drive. See for yourself how the City Safety system works, test out its detection capabilities, and fall in love with the safety that is included in all of our Volvo models.