Every season brings specific challenges that sometimes catch us off guard. Here at Volvo of Tempe we take pride in offering our customers the luxury of utilizing our service and repair center so that way your vehicle is always ready to conquer any road during any kinds of conditions with ease.


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You invest a lot of hard-earned money into your vehicles, which is why taking care of them is always a good priority. Our service center, located right here at our dealership, is staffed with highly skilled technicians who are on call to perform any kind of maintenance or repairs to your vehicle whenever the time comes. We'll happily take a look under your hood and change your oil, replenish your fluids, test your battery, or change/rotate your tires, swap out old windshield wipers and so much more. You can always rely on us to catch any issues before they develop into something more serious so that way you can save as much money as possible while enjoying your vehicle to the fullest.

Please schedule a service appointment today either online or by giving us a call and we'll begin working with you right away.

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