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If you’ve caught a Volvo commercial on TV, or even heard someone talk about their new XC90, you might have found yourself thinking, “wait, what happened to them?” At first blush, it may seem like the Swedish carmaker has ditched its emphasis on family-function and safety in favor of luxury, but in truth, they’ve done no such thing. While the premium appointments are more opulent than ever, Volvo has also continued to innovate on the safety and security front.

Many of our local Volvo drivers grew up with a 650 or 850 wagon as their family ride, and continued to hold true to the brand as they’ve had kids of their own. But progress has been anything but stagnant, and even the most nostalgic owners are falling in love with successors like the all-new 2018 XC60 and V90 Cross Country. Why? Because both models are prime examples of how Volvo continues to raise the bar.

For example, where Volvo’s reputation for safety used to be judged on how well their cars performed in a collision, modern models feature easy-to-use technology that can avoid accidents entirely. Some examples of this are the City Safety suite with pedestrian detection, which can alert you to, or brake automatically when an obstacle crosses your car’s path, and features like blind-spot warning, lane-keep assist, and rear-view cameras—all of which come standard on models like the S90.

But the technological rock doesn’t stop rolling there. Also standard on many 2018 models is the second generation Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving aid. While it doesn’t take over control, it can help by maintaining a set distance with the car ahead, and handle acceleration and braking, as well as reducing steering fatigue.

Lastly, there’s the luxury. Since renowned designer Thomas Ingenlath joined Volvo in 2012, his vision of imbuing the lineup with traditional Scandinavian flair has resulted in some of the most opulent interior treatments in the industry. Drawing from the traditions of Volvo’s home country, this approach favors clean lines, dynamic shapes, and an overall lack of clutter, augmented by fine leather and wood inlays. But even with luxuries of this magnitude, our preferred automaker hasn’t forgotten its long-standing commitment to families. The XC90, for example, can fit more than seven in its three spacious rows, but accommodate 85 cubic feet of cargo with them folded.

To learn more about what’s new at our Volvo dealership in Gilbert, AZ, we invite you to contact us whenever it’s convenient! We can tell you all about the features, functions, and safety technology on the latest models, and help you get acquainted. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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