Volvo is one of the few automotive companies doing more than just building autonomous cars; they're working with legislative authorities to make self-driving cars viable and legal to drive on real roads in open traffic.

Volvo has already worked with traffic regulators in its hometown of Gothenburg to get approval for 100 self-driving cars on the road for a beta test with regular customers in 2017, as part of the "Drive Me" project. The company made a similar appearance at the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. last year to get the ball rolling in the United States.

"We are here in the Swedish Parliament to discuss about autonomous driving with the public sector, industry, academia, and together working toward the future," says Marcus Rothoff, Volvo Car Corporation.

The Nordic model is based on a broad collaboration between different stakeholders, to ensure that those responsible for infrastructure, liability, and legislation are on the same page to fully support autonomous vehicles.

The automaker is hoping that the rest of the world will be inspired by how well the Nordic model works in Sweden.

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