The Mythbusters once did an episode testing whether you could unlock a car remotely by using a cell phone. The myth was, if you were locked out of your car, but had a second set of keys at home, you could call up your roommate and have them hold the key up to the phone while pressing the unlock button.

It doesn't work, of course. Cell phone speakers can't reproduce sound frequencies as high as what car keys use.

However, that myth may have inspired Volvo with this innovation.

A new smartphone app from Volvo could one day replace your car key. In Sweden, Volvo has already introduced temporary digital keys to allow companies to make in-car deliveries to clients.

Keyless car technology would be more than one-time use for unlocking a vehicle. As long as your cell phone is in your pocket with the Volvo app installed, you can start the engine and drive. If you want to loan your car to somebody, you can send a digital key to their phone, eliminating the need to physically transfer a key.

Would you want a new Volvo that eschews keys for a digital solution? Visit our Tempe, AZ location and let us know!

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