It's no secret that Volvo invented the seatbelt in 1959. This invention, by Nils Bohlin, is credited with saving over a million lives worldwide, and over 14,000 lives each year in the US alone.

But this is not the end of the Volvo safety story. Listen and discover how Volvo has made history through the years.

Volvo has had safety at its heart since the beginning in 1927. After inventing the 3-point safety belt, Volvo realized that children were less protected than adults. Their small bodies didn't fit correctly into the shoulder strap that was fitted for adults.

So, in 1976, they invented the booster cushion.

The same year, in fact, the US Government used the Volvo 240 as the standard for safety all other auto manufacturers would have to live up to.

Now, Volvo leads the way in safety by making IntelliSafe technology standard on all their new cars. This advanced suite of technology can keep you out of an accident, and keep you shielded in one.

Come visit Volvo of Tempe to experience safety and quality first hand.

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