Here, at Volvo of Tempe, we take pride in carrying vehicles in our showroom that are known for their array of impressive safety features.  Not only does Volvo continue to stay on top with high tech innovations to help protect drivers from Tempe, AZ and beyond, but our favorite automaker has been keeping us safe behind the wheel long before some of us were even around!

Today, on the Volvo of Tempe blog, we want to take you back in time to 1959 when seat belts only consisted of two-point waist restraints.  Rather than provide ample protection, this style seat belt was thought to potentially cause damage to the driver and passengers in the case of an accident.

With the importance of making vehicles safer at the forefront of his mind, Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin created the three-point seat belt which is what we find in new Volvo models and new cars across all automakers.  Bohlin's revolutionary design fit over the driver's torso and lap and was launched on classic Amazon and PV544 models.  Eventually, in 1963 the three-point seat belt made its debut in the United States.

Rather than use this innovative safety feature to make a fortune with a patent, Volvo decided to open the patent so that any car manufacturer could use the design.  Both new and used Volvo cars are the epitome of safe vehicles for drivers and passengers thanks to the automaker's innovation and focus on safety.

Here, at Volvo of Tempe, we value the safety of our drivers and their passengers.  That is why we staff an expertly trained service department to take care of all your auto service and car repair needs.  We want to help ensure that your Volvo is in the best condition possible to keep you safe on the roads in the greater Tempe. AZ area.  If you need a routine auto service or have a bigger repair you'd like us to take a look at, give us a call or fill out our online form to setup an appointment today!

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