The days of tape decks and mixtapes are over, though that doesn’t stop the nostalgic parts of us from longing for them. But there are better things on the horizon! Volvo has just announced that Spotify will now be available on most new Volvo models, and we at Volvo of Tempe say, bring on the tunes!



Spotify is a music streaming service that allows you to search for artists, tracks, or albums, build and share playlists, and create a digital music library. Now that Spotify will be aboard your next new Volvo, you can take that music library with you and cruise along in style. Spotify also supports Apple CarPlay, which is available on some newer Volvos as well, but this does require your iPhone to be connected, so as it stands, the Spotify app is the only smartphone-free option.

To check out the new Spotify app now available inside most new Volvos, swing into our beautiful showroom, located conveniently at 8060 S. Autoplex Loop, Tempe, and ask our friendly salespeople any of your lingering questions before taking a test drive. There won’t be a tape deck, but we don’t think you’ll mind.

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