There have been some epic heists in American history, but today, Volvo has pulled off one of the most unique. In its new "Highway Robbery" video spot, Volvo absconded with something more valuable than all the gold bullion, diamonds, or cash in the world: energy.

The star of this short video is a Volvo's new twin-engine T8 XC90. Designed as one of the first plug-in hybrid electric seven-seater SUV's to hit market, the new XC90 comes with some pretty big expectations, and it fell to Volvo to show off this unique vehicle's capabilities in a suitably unique way.

Of course, Volvo did not disappoint. By setting up a charging station powered by other vehicles driving over a strip of road, the XC90 effectively "stole" the energy that these cars were expending! All this pilfered power isn't going to waste either, as the new XC90 boasts a stunning 400 horsepower and a 53 MPGe EPA rating, making it one of the most efficient and powerful hybrids to hit the road.

So if you're not excited about this dynamic new hybrid SUV yet, you should be! The new XC90 won't be hitting showrooms for another couple months, but this video was too cool not to share! If you want more information on this fantastic new vehicle, stop by Volvo of Tempe today!

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