In order to showcase all the new Volvo models around the world, the automaker needs good video and photographs for marketing purpose. That responsibility lies with their in-house video team, as they go out and shoot models on the track, a picaresque landscape, and other locales that capture the essence of a Volvo. Now, they have a specialized ride to do it in.

The Swedish automaker has built a custom XC60 that allows the vid team to capture all the angles on the go. What they've done is taken the roof off the crossover from the second row back. Then, they gave it an extended bed with non-slip material so there are multiple places to attach tripods, harnesses, and other camera gear. They also added a second axle in the back, giving this XC60 six wheels, and more stability.

That's not all, either. There are power sockets onboard to keep camera and light equipment running, and the rear seats can act as a live production studio, with seven inch monitors on the front headrests, which can see a live feed.

Now, the camera car can drive on, or off road to get the perfect shot while filming models like the S80 or XC90, and cut video on the go. Pretty cool.

Now, when we see some Volvo vehicles in action on TV, print, or other media, we'll know that the specialized camera car was there to make it happen. And, we're hopeful that will inspire you to stop in to Volvo of Tempe in Tempe, AZ to check out our lineup of Volvo models. We'd be happy to provide details, answer any questions, and set up test drives at your convenience.

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