Could you imagine winning a car? More importantly, could you imagine winning the last one of that model ever to be made? Well, now you can. But of course you would have to be from the United Kingdom.

Volvo is looking to remove the C30 hatchback entirely from the new Volvo lineup, but the automaker is doing it with pizazz. On Saturday, June 15, 2013, the last Volvo C30 unit ever made will be going home with a lucky winner from the UK where 1 out of every 7 C30 models were sold. Just a second, it's not that easy. There will be several rounds in the competition to be the owner and it all starts on Twitter.

Get ready at 7am UTC on Thursday, June 13th to start tweeting under the hashtag #LastEverC30. Every tweet will bring the prized white C30 R-Design with Polestar upgrade over closer to an undisclosed location in the UK from the starting place of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Once the vehicle arrives, whoever tweeted is welcome to try to solve 4 clues on which will lead to where the C30 is being kept. After making a sprint for the location, the contestants will have to complete one mystery task. The person that can do it the fastest will be the owner of the last ever Volvo C30 hatchback made.

Even though we are not eligible to compete here in Tempe, AZ, we love how creative Volvo's European operations is being. If you would like to see the Volvo that is causing people to run all over a country for, then come on over to Volvo of Tempe at 8060 S. Autoplex Loop. We have only a few, but if you make it in time, we would love to show the ins and outs of what has made this an exciting hatchback to own.

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